Silk Road

Silk Road is the tale of a quest for answers along a fantastical silk road. The story will feature multiple protagonists, but will mainly focus on the youth Biijan. As the story progresses further, more information will be added here.

Silk Road officially began in March, 2013. While the comic follows no specific update schedule (due to the author's unpredictable work and class schedule in the real world), readers can expect an average of 1-3 pages a week during fall and spring, and 3-5 during winter and summer.

The Author

Hello there! I am Alo Hinun.

I'm currently a student pursuing a degree in Painting and a degree in East Asian Languages & Cultures. When I'm not studying, at work or in the studio, I spend a lot of time wandering the wilderness, studying the way of tea, reading, and doing martial arts.

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